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Choose Glass and Metal

What’s GLAME?

Sustainability – and how to give it a bigger platform with both customers and the public at large – has long been a big topic at Silgan Closures. The answer? GLAME.

GLAME is a compound of the words glass and metal and embodies the conscious decision for sustainable consumerism.

Glas in combination with metal has many benefits, for the producers as well as the consumer. GLAME stands for a greener and more sustainable future, starting today.

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Pop Quiz: Glass and Metal

Test your knowledge. How well do you know these package materials already? Find out now!

Personality Test: What’s your sustainability type?

Now it’s your turn – learn about your sustainability type and get tips on how to live more sustainably here.

From thinking to acting sustainable

„Sustainability“ has become an often-used buzzword over the last few years. For some, it has even become a lifestyle. However, with only some small adjustments to our daily routine, we can turn sustainability from a buzzword to a reality. Our aim is to motivate others with our campaign - and to show how small adjustments can create real change.

Sustainability is fun!

Thanks to the efforts of trade and commerce, sustainability rarely means you have to sacrifice comfort these days. Grocery stores are filled to the brim with sustainable products and alternatives to plastic. Thus, making the sustainable choice becomes easier and easier each day.

Join now! – Become part of the #GLAMER movement!

Our earth needs heroes.

People like you and me, people who change the world, one small gesture at a time. How? Simple – step by step.

For example by replacing plastic straws with straws made out of metal or by bringing a to go-cup with us wherever we go.

And most importantly: by becoming a #GLAMER and choosing glas and metal

Our GLAME-Blog

On our blog, you’ll find more information on sustainability and GLAME.

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Choose Glass & Metal

Choose Glass & Metal Glame: What does that mean? Small word, big meaning: the combination of glass and metal. With the launch of the Glame campaign, Silgan is setting an example for sustainability and the conscious consumption of packaging materials.

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