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The future is eco-friendly

The supermarket of tomorrow

Strolling through the supermarket and taking a conscious look around, you have probably noticed that sustainable products have been on the rise for some time now – the desire for an environmentally conscious lifestyle is growing. However, many people do not pay attention to the packaging, but only to the products. The conscious purchase decision for products in packaging materials such as glass and metal is also important and must not be forgotten in all the hype about sustainability. After all, you decide which materials will be found on supermarket shelves in the future.

The world as a test market

There is a test market in Haßloch, Germany. And this is how it works: Here, products are available that you can’t get elsewhere. Hassloch residents see advertising that is not broadcast or printed anywhere else. Market researchers want to test how the products are received. If the Haßlochers find something really good and buy a lot of it, it can be found elsewhere shortly afterwards. But actually – and we can be honest about this – not only Haßloch, but the whole world is a test market. New products come onto the market every day and some simply disappear again when there is no demand. As more and more people choose to consume in an environmentally conscious way, these sustainable products will consequently become established. By increasing the demand for them, you determine what the supermarket of tomorrow will look like.


Did you know? Only about 39% of German plastic waste is recycled, the rest is shipped abroad or burned. By contrast, 87% of glass is recycled and 91% of metal. Every micro-decision you make every day contributes to global change. As a #GLAMER, you have the opportunity to influence the future of consumer goods by choosing glass and metal. So now it’s time to get started and stick together. Become a #GLAMER.

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