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Silgan Closures, a member of Silgan Holdings Inc., is a global leading supplier of metal, plastic and composite closures for the food and beverages industry. We provide our customers with best quality products and services,

responding to the need of the market place. We ensure environmentally responsible behaviour by conducting operations in compliance with applicable law and we commit ourselves to the sustainable use of resources.


Hold on to highest standards of ethical behaviour, consistent with the values stated in the Code of Business Conduct


Use resources to provide a safe workplace; make health and safety be first priority in daily work, staying with the motto: “Safety is not an accident”


Promote a diverse and inclusive environment for all employees


Create a positive impact on the communities at production site


Commit to an increase of shareholder value in conjunction with fulfilling your responsibilities as a good corporate citizen


Detailed waste monitoring to identify opportunities for increase a share of recyclable waste


Commitment to an environmental program for reduction of energy consumption and usage of sustainable sources


Contribution to environmental protection through sewage and emission monitoring


Implementation of organizational culture focused on product safety and quality as well as environmentally responsible behavior


Conduct business in accordance with national law and internationally recognized practices that may go beyond legal requirements

Products &

Consumer safety

Obligation to produce safe products to protect food and beverages at a specified quality


Use smart and innovative design principles to reduce the environmental impact of new and existing products

Source materials

Use responsibly sourced materials, communicate with a supply chain, establish long-term partnerships


Reduce material usage and use more recovered or recoverable material

Supply chain

Reduce total environmental impact of packaging and shipping of products


5/2020 | source: The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) logo, including the colour wheel and 17 icons

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