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Choose Glass & Metal

Glame: What does that mean?

Small word, big meaning: the combination of glass and metal. With the launch of the Glame campaign, Silgan is setting an example for sustainability and the conscious consumption of packaging materials. You have a choice every day – and glass and metal can do much more than you think.


Dance of the resources

The decision for the glass container with a metal closure holds immense potential.
Because the small metal lid can do much more than just seal your fruit juice airtight. After each use, it can be recycled and shaped anew, starting yet another lifecycle. Today it is a metal cap, but tomorrow the reshaped metal could already be exploring the high skies as an aircraft component. It’s almost like magic. Your metal cap is never spent, it only changes its appearance.
The material retains its positive properties and underlying structure even after multiple recycling cycles. This means that metal can be used again and again for new applications.
Thanks to all these positive properties, metal has rightly secured itself the top of the recycling mountain and can proudly claim the highest recycling rates of all packaging materials.


Do you feel it too? 

Does your drink from the Glame bottle have an especially environmentally-friendly aftertaste?
Congratulations, excellent intuition! With your choice, you have just contributed to saving raw materials, reducing waste – and thus producing fewer greenhouse gases.
Mmmmh, that makes it taste even better!



We keep it tight. The combination of glass and metal screw cap prevents air from entering the container and guarantees perfect food safety. When you open it up for the first time, you hear the familiar “click”, giving you the security of an intact vacuum. Happy ears all around!
There’s not a single safety concern in sight.

Becoming an everyday hero is easier than you think – by choosing glass with a metal closure, the first step has been taken. For a greener future and a more sustainable here and now.

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