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Questions about glass and metal

1. Why do glass bottles have different colours?

Glass bottles have different colours because they have to provide different light protection depending on the contents. White glass does not shield the contents from light, green glass offers a bit more light protection and is used for example for wine. Brown glass provides the best protection from light and is used for example for beer.

2. Do I have to rinse my glass containers before throwing them away?

Glass containers do not need to be rinsed before disposal. However, they should be spoon clean. But beware: there is one exception. Honey jars should be rinsed.

3. Do I need to remove labels or stickers from jars before disposal?

No, labels or stickers on jars do not need to be removed before disposal.

4. What do I have to consider when disposing of glass?

Glass should be thrown into the glass container as gently and carefully as possible. The more undamaged the glass is, the easier it is to recycle at the facility.

5. Does metal jewellery attract lightning?

Metal jewellery does not attract lightning. However, if you are struck by lightning, wearing metal jewellery can cause burns.

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