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Fridge Magnet DIY

1. Find a metal lid

You can find a metal lid almost everywhere! Whether in the supermarket or at home. Big or small. There are no limits to your creativity.

2. Wash and dry well

It is important that the lid is completely dry. Otherwise it will take much longer for the acrylic paint to dry in the next step.

3. Prime with white acrylic paint

Try to apply the acrylic paint evenly on the lid. If the white paint is blotchy or transparent: Let it dry and apply another coat. Continue until the lid is completely and opaquely white. The primer creates a neutral surface for painting and is therefore very important.

4. Let your creativity run free!

Paint any motif you feel like. If you are looking for inspiration: Pinterest is your friend and helper! 😉 Note that acrylic paints are difficult or impossible to remove from clothing and surfaces. When you’re done, let your masterpiece dry for a few hours.

5. Attach the magnet with glue

6. Admire 🙂
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