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Fridge Magnet DIY

Fridge Magnet DIY1. Find a metal lidYou can find a metal lid almost everywhere! Whether in the supermarket or at home. Big or small. There are no limits to your creativity. 2. Wash and dry wellIt is important that the…

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Questions about glass and metal

Questions about glass and metal 1. Why do glass bottles have different colours? Glass bottles have different colours because they have to provide different light protection depending on the contents. White glass does not shield the contents from light, green…

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The psychology of codes

The psychology of codesThe autopilotThere is an autopilot in our brain. This scientific finding explains how our brain reacts for example to products. Let's say we go to a supermarket and do our weekend shopping. As we browse the shelves…

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The future is eco-friendly

The future is eco-friendly The supermarket of tomorrow Strolling through the supermarket and taking a conscious look around, you have probably noticed that sustainable products have been on the rise for some time now - the desire for an environmentally…

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Corona bucket listA project that gives hope!After a month of the pandemic, it was still crystal clear what activities were missing. But after a year, you catch yourself finding it harder and harder to imagine a world without a pandemic.…

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Choose Glass & Metal

Choose Glass & Metal Glame: What does that mean? Small word, big meaning: the combination of glass and metal. With the launch of the Glame campaign, Silgan is setting an example for sustainability and the conscious consumption of packaging materials.…

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