Food Technology Services


Process reliability – our know-how; Product quality – your benefit

FTS (Food Technology Services)

Ensures every application has the necessary process reliability and product quality – and can sometimes also add a valuable extra dimension


Vapour-Vacuum® – Created by Silgan White Cap

The Vapour-Vacuum® System delivers product quality of the highest level. For the consumer this means improved taste, preservation of product colour as well as product consistency and an extended shelf life.


From recipe to shelf

We individually analyse every customer’s process and produce recommendations for best practice. This enables customers to enhance product quality, reduce failure rates and through this effectively cut costs. Any change in process requirements is fully supported by our experienced personnel to ensure a smooth transition.

White Cap University

We offer comprehensive in-house training courses to enable line operators and support staff to benefit from the broad experience of Silgan White Cap’s personnel and know-how and ensure the successful and smooth-running capping and processing of Twist-Off® and PT (Press-On Twist-Off®) metal closures.


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