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Centre of Excellence for Compound, Material and New Product Development


On-going Design Enhancements

Even small changes to closure geometry can make a significant improvement.  Recent examples such as reducing the compound channel of the 27 RRP Twist-Off®, the universal shape of the 51 PTU and  the new 38 RAB Twist-Off®  provide a brief demonstration of how Silgan White Cap’s ongoing metal vacuum closure developments focus on effective use of materials while taking into account food regulatory and environmental requirements.


Our testing service for new applications has included solutions for wine, beverages with low alcohol content and metal closures on plastic or metal containers instead of glass.


In-house Material Development

Compound materials for sealing gaskets are developed in-house. This enables seals to be created with particular properties that ensure:


  • Maximum pack integrity
  • Food product safety that meets the requirements of the entire range of fillers’ processing and storage conditions

In-house Design and Engineering with Prototyping and Pilot Line Capabilities

  • See your new closure shape in 3D sketches and animation
  • Hold prototypes in hand for marketing presentations prior to any decision on new packaging styles

Trust us to supply state-of-the-art closure technology for any requirement.

Whatever the container is made of… Silgan White Cap has the right closure


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