Deep Cap Skirt for Wide Mouth Twist-Off®


82mm DWB Twist-Off® Metal Closure

01.08.2012 | The DWB closure is a deep drawn Twist-Off® with a button for sweet spreads and other foods. The latest shape extends the range of regular wide mouth Twist-Off® closures.

The Shape

This profile incorporates the well-known benefits of  the Twist-Off® technology. The deep cap skirt provides more scope for graphic design – it offers an excellent premium look for the final product. Customers can create an eye catching design to differentiate from other products on-shelf. It can be used for hot fill or pasteurisation.


Silgan White Cap Europe

With seven plants Silgan White Cap Europe is an international producer of metal, plastic and composite closures for oxygen sensitive, vacuum packaged and aseptically packaged food products and still beverages. Its closures are used exclusively in glass or plastic container applications.

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