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Machine Types available for Twist-Off® & PT

The Vapour Vacuum® System maximises product quality and this is the principle of all Silgan White Cap sealing machines. There is a wide choice, from semi automatic hand cappers to stainless steel sealing machines for high speed lines. Most of the cappers can be specified in left- or right-hand configuration.


Silgan White Cap offers 3 types of sealing equipment to match different customer requirements:

Ideal for trial and small production runs or laboratory use

  • Silgan White Cap 100
    Semi-automatic sealing machine with Silgan White Cap vapour vacuum technology.
  • Silgan White Cap 160
    Hand-operated machine.

Low to medium Speed

  • Silgan White Cap 200
    Sophisticated technical solution for low and medium production speeds up to 300 caps per minute.
  • Silgan White Cap 300
    Line speeds of up to 300 Twist-Off® and PT closures per minute. Electronic height adjustment allows shorter change-over times. Available in left- or right-hand configuration.
  • Silgan White Cap 500-1
    Optimised features are particularly ideal for capping at medium to higher speeds. Available in left- or right-hand configuration.

High Speed

  • Silgan White Cap 600-1
    Up to 1000 PT closures per minute, quick change-over, easy set-up.

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