Twist-Off® - The Original


White Cap invented the Twist-Off® lug closure for glass containers, designed for use with the Vapour-Vacuum®method to provide excellent oxygen barrier properties and dramatically enhanced shelf life for foods.


Experience the Twist-Off® difference:

  • Vacuum packaging – The Vapour-Vacuum System® is applied during the capping operation to ensure minimal oxygen in the headspace of the container
  • Food preservation - Unrivalled oxygen barrier properties are achieved through the use of tin plated steel combined with specially designed compound materials for the sealing gasket. This airtight seal protects food from contaminants and minimises Vitamin C degradation or discolouration
  • Convenience – Easy to open, easy to reseal, while the tight reseal after initial opening allows opened jars to be stored in the refrigerator and ensures odours cannot escape and mix with other food products
  • Regulatory Compliance - Materials used to manufacture Silgan White Cap metal closures comply with the latest requirements of European food contact legislation
  • Sustainability - Metal closures can be fully recycled. Steel does not show any loss of quality. This process can be repeated continually as part of a closed loop system. The combination of metal closure and glass container offers a truly sustainable packaging solution

Sealing Gasket

Compound materials for sealing gaskets are developed in-house. This enables seals to be created with particular properties that ensure:

  • Maximum pack integrity
  • Food product safety that meets all types of filling requirements

Product Range


The most comprehensive lug closure product portfolio on the market:

  • Available diameters:  27mm to 110mm
  • Various closure shapes and profiles such as safety button, deep or angled
  • Categories:
    non carbonated beverages and all kind of foods in glass. Suitable for hot, cold and aseptic filling followed by pasteurisation and/or sterilisation (retort) processes
  • Various glass finish specifications


High speed capping operation

All Twist-Off® closures can be applied using Silgan White Cap’s high speed in-line cappers, offering easy set up and fast changeovers between different cap and glass sizes/shapes.


Create further on-shelf differentiation thought a variety of decoration options:

  • High quality multi-colour printing
  • Specialty inks and coatings with glossy or matt finishes
  • Shaping features such as embossing

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