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What is a Twist-Off® ?

Universal vacuum lug closure for preserved food and non-carbonated beverages. Easy to open and reseal, it offers excellent oxygen barrier properties for extended shelf life. Available in diameters from 27mm to 110mm in various closure styles and profiles (including the option of a safety button)

SWC Metal Closure Cat Twist Off.pdf (36 KB) Metal Twist-Off®

What is a PT ?

Special vacuum closure with excellent oxygen barrier properties offering an extended shelf life for premium food segments such as baby foods and drinks, desserts and patés. Available in diameters of 40, 51, 63, 70mm in a unique PT (Press On Twist-Off®) profile featuring a safety button.

SWC MCR PT Band.pdf (15 KB) Metal PT (Press-On Twist-Off®)

Which diameters do you offer ?

Which kind of glass finish will fit ?

Silgan White Cap has defined glass finish designs which correspond to CE.T.I.E.

Glass drawing Index and correspondence list Silgan_CETIE_EN ISO9100_S.pdf (57 KB) Closures

What is The Vapour-Vacuum System® ?

Vaccum packaging – The Vapour-Vacuum System® is applied during the capping operation to ensure minimal oxygen in the headspace of the container

Metal Twist-Off®

What kind of processes/applications are possible ?

Suitable for hot, cold and aseptic filling followed by pasteurisation and/or sterilisation (retort) process.

Metal Twist-Off®

What kind of product can I pack ? Categories served ?

Still beverages and all kind of food (baby food, delicatessen & dressing) in glass container

SWC Metal Closure Cat Twist Off.pdf (36 KB) Metal Twist-Off®

What kind of decoration do you offer ?

High quality multi-colour printing, specialty inks and coatings with glossy or matt fi´nishes, shaping features such as embossing

Closures Twist-off Enhancement 09JAN2015.pdf (835 KB) Litho Design Service

Is the entire package recyclable?

Metal closures can be fully recycled. Steel does not show any loss of quality. This process can be repeated continually as part of a closed loop system. The combination of metal closure and glass container offers a truly sustainable packaging solution


What about Food Safety or Regulatory Compliance ?

Materials used to manufacture Silgan White Cap metal closures comply with the latest requirements of European food contact legislation

Regulatory Affairs

What kind of sealing gaskets do you use

Compound materials for sealing gaskets are developed in-house. This enables seals to be created with particular properties

Research and Development


Do you offer sealing equipment ? Buying or leasing ?

In general, leasing base except hand operated sealing machines and auxiliary equipment


How about technical support?

Technical Service: Food Technological Service (incl glass finish service & laboratory), Customer Technical Service, Line Planning Service & Machine Workshop

Customer Technical Service

How can you help in case of trouble shooting ?

Please call your local Customer Technical Service and support will follow in realtime

Who/where is my contact ?

Please use the click box “’Our local sales offices” and choose the country

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Do you join Sedex ?

Silgan White Cap is a member of SEDEX and complies with the SEDEX standards in all registered locations: Germany, Poland, Italy, Philippines and China

120817 SWCE Statement Letter Sedex.pdf (15 KB) Compliance

Which associations do you join ?

Verband Metallverpackungen (, Verband der deutschen Fruchtsaftindustrie, (, Obst- und Gemüseverband (

How is the Silgan White Cap closure different from others ?

Twist-Off® and PT from Silgan White Cap is the original and it is more than a closure, but also equipment and service  - The Total System Solution


Which markets sell products in the Silgan White Cap package today?

Europe, Asia, Middle East

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Where it’s made ?

Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine


Do you offer food cans ?

Yes, please get in touch with Silgan Metal Packaging

Do you make glass or plastic container ?

No glass containers. In the US plastic containers for health and personal care, food, household (

What does “White Cap” mean ?

The three Brothers White invented the Twist-Off® lug closure for glass container, designed for use with the vapour-vacuum method to provide excellent oxygen barrier properties and dramatically enhanced shelf life for foods.


How do I apply for a job at Silgan White Cap

Please apply to and your mail will be forwarded accordingly

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